Chimney Cowls- supplied and fitted from €60.00 - Dublin Chimney Sweep- Just €50.00, book your appointment online, fully insured.

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Chimney Cowls- supplied and fitted from €60.00

We do a number of different type of cowls. They can be broken down into three categories.

  • Cowl that protect your chimney – Rain Cowls, Chimney Caps and Bird Guards

  • Cowls that prevent or help alleviate down draughts- Spinner Cowl, Junior Cowl, MAD Cowl.

  • Cowls to reduce wind noise- Lobster Cowl, Revolving Cowl.

All the cowls listed above with the exception of the bird guard are available in Terracotta and Buff with the exception of the bird Guard.
We can fit any of the cowls listed if you live in the Dublin area, all chimneys must be accessible and no higher than two storeys..

Terrocotta Rain & Bird Cowl

Rain Cowl- €85.00 (Price for supply and fit of one cowl, addtional cowls charged @ €35.00)
- Made from galvanised steel and powder coated terracotta.
- Includes stainless steel hose clip.
- Fits sizes 150mm - 200mm pots.
- Supplied fully assembled.
- Suitable for use with gas (multi-fuel option), normal coal and fully seasoned wood

Advantages of a Chimney Rain Cowl

  • It will protect your chimney and home from water intrusion and dampness around and down your chimney.

  • Birds cannot get through a chimney rain cowl, small birds may make it through a chimney bird guard.

All Purpose Anti Down Draught  Chimney Cowl

All Purpose Anti Downdraught Cowl €99.99 (Price for supply and fit of one cowl, addtional cowls charged @ €50.00)

  • Highly effective in preventing downdraught

  • Made from 1.2mm Aluminum and Stainless Steel

  • Suitable for pot sizes up to 300mm

  • Stainless Steel birdguard

  • Unpainted version suitable for most fuels

  • Tested to BS715: 1993 and against BSEN 1856

  • Height 140mm, Width 310mm

Chimney Cap

Chimney Capping Cowl-€75.00 (Price for supply and fit of one cowl, addtional cowls charged @ €25.00)

  • Used to cap off unused chimneys, once your chimney is capped your your fire fireplace can no longer be used.

  • Provides good ventilation which can be adjusted by raising or lowering the arms.

  • A universal fitting fits all 125mm (5") to 250mm (10") chimney pots.

Advantages of Capping a Redundant Chimney.

  • Older chimneys are protected from water erosion and ingression, it also protects against freeze thaw action in winter time.

  • By fitting a chimney cap, particularly on multiple a house or property with more than one chimney, you can make large savings on your fuel bills, because warm air rises and by fitting a chimney cap your keeping the paid for warm air in your house or property.

Anti Down Draught Chimney Cowl

Brewer Aerodyne Cowl- €109.99(Price for supply and fit of one cowl, addtional cowls charged @ €59.99)

  • Adjustable to fit 150mm - 250mm (6" - 10") internal diameter flues and pots

  • Three methods of securing cowl to pot: either four hook bolts and wing nuts, adjustable expanded sleeve or stainless steel strap

  • Suitable for use on solid fuel systems - logs, coal, peat - NOT GAS

  • Manufactured from 1.2mm thick high grade aluminium alloy - natural finish


  • Chimney and flue systems must be swept before any terminal is fitted to avoid possible problems in the future.

Advantages of having a Brewer Aerodyne Antidown Draught Chimney Cowl Fitted.
The Brewer Aerodyne Cowl has been in constant production for about 50 years and has abundantly proven its worth in curing downdraught, showing that the laws of aerodynamics don’t change. As wind from any direction passes through the cowl the unique venturi shaped surfaces cause a drop in air pressure which draws smoke and fumes up the chimney for dispersal to atmosphere.

Deville Chimney Cowl

Deville Chimney Cowl- €90.00 (Price for supply and fit of one cowl, addtional cowls charged @ €40.00)

• Designed to cure problems caused by down draught. Reduces rain entry into the chimney.
• Suitable for use with gas, oil and solid fuels.
• Withstands flue temperatures up to 200 degrees.
• Stainless steel birdguard mesh fitted to reduce bird and vermin entry.
• Fits chimneys with a maximum outside diameter of 250mm / 10".
• Gas tested to BSEN 1856.
• If using cowl with solid fuel it is recommended that you remove the birdguard mesh

Chimney Bird Guard

Bird Guard- €60.00 (Price for supply and fit of one cowl, addtional cowls charged @ €15.00)

• Universal guard
• Fits most standard chimneys
• Prevents birds nesting and entering chimney
• Includes swing tag

Spping Anti Downdraught Cowl Hinged

Spinning Cowl Hinged- €200.00 (Price for supply and fit of one cowl, addtional cowls charged @ €150.00)

Spinning cowls are wind driven cowls designed to increase the draw or draught in the chimney in windy conditions, therefore helping to reduce the effect of 'puffdowns' or downdraughts. Spinning cowls will not increase draw on still or calm days and are only really effective on flat or level ground. This cowl fits 125mm-250mm pots

H Chimney Cowl

H Cowl- €250.00(Price for supply and fit of one cowl, addtional cowls charged @ €200.00)

The H-cap stabilizes the draft rather than increases it. Other downdraft caps are based on the Venturi effect, solving downdraft problems by increasing the updraft constantly resulting in much higher fuel consumption and warm air been pulled from the house. This cowl is available in two sizes 200mm and 225mm

Electric Cowl

Super C Electric Cowl-€650.00(Price for supply and fit of one cowl, addtional cowls charged @ €450.00)

The Super C's main purpose is to provide updraft. It will solve the most severe of downdraft issues.Must not be used on a chimney where it's length is less than (4.6 m ) 15 feet

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